Activate School Edition licenses for your teachers

Once you have created your Admin account and purchased School Edition licenses, you have the ability to allocate the School Edition licenses to your teachers from your Admin account. All you do is select which subject you want to provide access to for each teacher. Here are the steps to do so: 

1. Log in to your Admin account at

2. Notice that the number of licenses used vs purchased for each subject is shown in the upper right corner.

3. Find a teacher and select the dropdown menu under "Assign Licenses"

4. Select a subject -- this provides the teacher and all of their students School Edition access for that specific subject. 

5. Note: if you see that a teacher has too many students, it's likely because the teacher has not removed old students. Have the teacher go to their "Manage Roster" page, and remove any students they're not working with! That will save you additional licenses. You can even log in as a teacher to do this from your Admin dashboard (by clicking the blue button next to the teacher's name).




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