How does Freckle Vocab work?

Freckle's Vocabulary program helps students understand the meaning of key words as they read through an article. Every article at every level except Early Reader and 1st grade has 3-5 vocabulary words associated with it that students will practice before, during, and after reading an article.

The program consists of two parts: a pre-article practice and a post-article review.


Pre-article practice:

Students will see vocabulary practice before an article if:

  • The teacher assigns vocabulary when assigning an article
  • Whenever a student self-practices an article 

In this part, students will see the article with the definition of the word and a fill-in-the-blank question to gauge student understanding of the word. Teachers will be able to see what the words are when assigning the article. Students will also see the vocabulary words underlined in the text, with the definition showing if they click on the word:

After students answer all of the vocabulary questions, they will be taken to the reading comprehension questions.

Even while answering the reading comprehension questions, students will still see the underlined vocabulary words and have the ability to click on the word and see the definition.

Post-article review:

After students complete the pre-article practice, those words will be saved for that student in a word bank. When students click on “ELA” in their dashboard, they will see a “Vocabulary” link:

After clicking on “Vocabulary”, students will see all the words in their word bank, organized by article:



Clicking on the blue arrow will flip the flashcard to show the word’s definition. When students click the “Practice Vocabulary” button, they will go through and answer questions about the 4 words they are having the most trouble with. They will see questions about a synonym of the word, matching questions with the definition and a fill-in-the-blank sentence, an extension question that tests the student’s knowledge of the word, and a question where students are asked to define a word on their own and compare them against the given definition.

 If a student gets all of the questions right for a given word, they will earn a star for that word. Students are limited to two vocabulary sessions a day.


Teacher reporting

The pre-article practice will show up in the Activity Reports under ELA. Click on the Student Activity tab to see all of your student activity. The blue View Pre-test Report button will take you to the pre-test report:


On the Student Activity tab, teachers will be able to see the individual reports by clicking the blue Report button, which will show the article and how the student did on the questions:


The post-article review report will show up in the Vocabulary report in the ELA section. This report will include how the class did as a whole, and show all the words that students have practiced in the specified time period:


 When you click the arrow next to the word, teachers can see how students are performing:


This report makes it easy to pull small groups around specific vocabulary words, and help students work on words they are struggling with.

Let us know how you’re enjoying Freckle Vocabulary, or if you have any suggestions!

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