What types of problems will students see on Freckle Math?

Freckle Math (whether Adaptive Practice, Targeted Practice, or a Benchmark Assessment) aims to provide students with diverse question types. In doing so, we hope to provide students with unique question stems, different problem types, and diverse ways of approaching the same math concept. In doing this, we believe that we can better assess student understanding and speak to student abilities. We also acknowledge how important district and state-wide testing is, and therefore, we have built our program to mirror many of the question types students see on these tests (think SBAC, PARCC, etc.).

So.. what types of questions will your students see on Freckle? Let's take a look.


Question Type #1: Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions ask students to pick ONE correct answer (listed at the bottom). You'll notice there is no "Submit" button on these questions. Simply clicking on an answer will submit it as the answer.


Question Type #2: Multiple Answer


Multiple answer questions may have one or more than one correct answer (listed at the bottom). You'll notice that for these questions, there is a "Submit" button at the bottom right. Students must select the correct answers by clicking on them. You'll notice that selected answers turn white and are marked with a check. Once a student has selected all the choices he or she believes to be correct, the "Submit" button can be clicked.


Question Type #3: Type-in

Type-in questions require students to actually type their answer into a text box. Only numbers can be entered into the text box. If the answer to the question, for example, is 20 square feet, students will just type "20" into the box. Once a student is ready to submit his or her answer, he or she can press the "Enter" button on the keyboard.


Question Type #4: Drag & Drop


Drag and drop questions require students to use the computer mouse (or their finger on an iPad or tablet) to actually drag answer choices and drop them into "buckets". For example, in the example above, students must round each answer option and drag it into the correct category. When students believe they have sorted all of the answer choices correctly, they can press the green "Submit" button.


How do students receive feedback on their answers?

For all of the above question types, if the question is answered correctly, students will see that they've answered the question correctly and be moved on to the next question. If the question is answered incorrectly, students will be prompted to try again. For drag & drop questions, options correctly sorted will appear in green, where options incorrectly sorted will appear in red. If a question is answered incorrectly a second time, students will be prompted with a help video and provided the name of a classmate from who to ask help.

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