What can I do on the Printables page?


The Printables page allows teachers to create meaningful worksheets for every student in his or her class.  Gone are the days of searching for the appropriately leveled worksheet for each student - Freckle does that all for you!  Freckle gives the option to print both Individualized Practice and Standards-Based Practice depending upon what you want to accomplish that day.

To access the Printables page, click on "Printables" on the left navigation bar under Math. Here you'll be able to generate the 2 types of printables.


Individualized Practice

The Individualized Practice worksheets are created based on the skill (standard or sub-knowledge) on which each student in a class is currently working.  Rather than printing out the same page for all students in your class, knowing full well that it will be too difficult for some and too easy for others - use this tab!  With one click of the mouse, you will have a PDF document with a personalized printable for every student.

Decide which domain you want students to work on, then generate the PDF file by clicking on the appropriate button.


Once you select the domain and click on “Generate {Domain Name} PDF” button, a new tab will open that has a different printable for every student.  Below are individualized worksheets from a sample class account.

Sample Individualized Printable:

The printable above is individualized practice for Alex Johanssen.  You can see that she was assigned this printable on July 3rd, 2014 and she is currently working on 3.NBT.2-2.0.  This skill has students practice subtraction within 1000 using strategies and algorithms.  After Alex is done practicing, you can check her answers using the answer keys that are generated for each student and located at the bottom of the document.

What happens if I have two students working on the same skill?  Do they get the same printable?

Even though Alex and Alexis are both working on the same skill (3.NBT.2-2.0), they receive printables with different problems


What happens if two students get printables at completely different levels?

Since the printables are completely individualized, students are able to work at their own level.  Above, we see that Anthony is still working on 1st grade content (1.NBT.4-1.0), while Ariel is working on 5th grade content (5.NBT.5-1.2).  Rather than giving both students the same 2nd or 3rd grade worksheet, which would be too difficult for Anthony and too easy for Ariel, the individualized option allows students to improve by providing the appropriate practice.


What happens if my students get stuck working on the same skill for a while?

If students work on the same skill for a long time and have difficulty moving on, they will constantly receive different printables to practice that one skill.  Since the numbers and questions are different each time, each printable will be different than the time before.  This allows you the flexibility of sending home these worksheets for daily homework, or to use them in class when you don’t have access to iPads and/or computers.

Standards-Based Practice

You may run into situations where you want all students to practice the same topic.  If you are reviewing for a quiz or test, it makes no sense to review by practicing topics that won’t even be covered.  Is your entire class struggling with the same concept?  If so, select it from the standards-based practice drop down menu and generate a printable that you can go over together as a class.


Once you have selected the standard that you want to work on, click on “Generate PDF” and the program will take you to a separate tab with the printable available for printing.  Just like the individualized printables, the standards-based practice printables select numbers and text questions at random, so you won’t generate the same printable more than once.  Note that the standards-based practice option generates only one printable and one answer key, so make sure that you print enough printables for all students who will be practicing the skill.

You’ll notice that instead of having the student name at the top of the printable, you will see the word “Printable”.  This lets you know that the sheet is a standards-based practice printable, and not individualized for any particular student.

Whether you plan on using individualized printables or standards-based printables, this tool is a huge time saver in all classrooms!


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