Why are my students grouped into teams on the leaderboard? What is Team Mode?


When teachers first sign up for a Freckle account, they are randomly assigned to either the Individual Leaderboard or the Team Leaderboard. While the Individual Leaderboard shows the top student coin earners in a given day, the Team Leaderboard groups students into teams and then ranks the teams on the leaderboard.

Here’s how it works:

When a teacher selects the “Team Mode” option from his or her dashboard, Freckle will automatically sort students into 5 different teams (regardless of how many students are in the class). This means that the larger the class size, the larger the team size. The teams are selected based on previous coin totals to ensure that teams are evenly matched. Please note, this feature is only available on student dashboards for grade 3 and up. 

As students work, Freckle will determine the coin totals of each team by adding together the coin totals of each of the team members. When students check the leaderboard, they will see the different team names and how their team is competing against the other teams on that particular day. If you want to know which students are on which teams, read the team names aloud and have all students stand or raise their hands when their team name is called. This will allow the teacher to see who is competing on which team, and the students to know who their teammates are.


To change from individual leaderboard to Team Mode, follow the steps below:


Step 1: Log in to your teacher dashboard, click on your name in the top right, and select the “Settings” option from the drop-down menu.



Step 2: Check the box to activate Team Mode.



Step 3: Have all students log in to Freckle. If students were already logged in, they must log out and then log back in again for Team Mode to work correctly.


That’s all you have to do on the teacher’s end! If you want to switch out of Team Mode and back to the individual leaderboard, follow the same steps and uncheck the “Team Mode” box.


Student Side of Team Mode

Here’s what students see while working on team mode:


Once students log in to work on a domain, they can see which team they are a part of by looking at the team name that is highlighted. Team names are randomly generated by combining an adjective with a noun. In this case, the student shown above will be competing on the “Cool Superheroes” team with several other students in his or her class.

As students work on Freckle, they will still be able to see exactly how many coins they have earned individually. Rather than displaying this coin total on the class leaderboard, it will be kept to that individual student. Each student will have his or her coins added together with the rest of the team in order to determine which team sits atop the leaderboard.

Notice how no student names are seen in the leaderboard. Instead, the leaderboard is populated with different teams, ranked by the number of total coins earned by all members of that team.

*Note that the team names change and are randomly generated every day. This means that students will be working with different teammates each day, preventing one team from winning all the time.

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