How can I assign benchmark assessments to my students?

Districts, schools and teachers have the ability to assign targeted benchmark assessments to their students using Freckle. Whether you want to measure growth over time, isolate student strengths and weaknesses, or determine what standards still need to be taught before state testing, these assessments provide all key stakeholders with the data they need to make the most informed decisions possible. Completely based on the Common Core, Freckle Benchmark Assessments are designed to give the most precise information on student ability.


Here’s how to use the Assessments feature:


1) Select the "Assignments" tab on your Teacher Dashboard.


2) Click the blue "+ Add An Assignment" button.


3) Select Math or ELA from the options provided, depending on the subject in which you'd like to assign an assessment.



4) Select "Benchmark Assessment" from the options provided.


5) Select the class and students for whom you want to create the assignment.

6) Select the grade level of the assessment you want to create.

7) Choose the domain(s) and standard(s)/topic(s) you would like to assess, or choose to assess all using the drop-down menu.

8) Click the "Assign" button to send the benchmark assessment to your students.

You will see the benchmark assessment listed in your assignments. Note that students must log on at or on the Freckle app to complete the assessment.


9) Have students log in to Freckle like they normally do.

Students will log in to Freckle just the same way that they always have - with their first name, last name and class code.




10) Have students click on "Assignments" at the bottom of their screen.


11) Students will see their assignments waiting for them. Multiple assignments may be listed. Benchmark assessments will be labeled as such. Have students click the assignment to begin.


12) Students complete the assessment, which will take anywhere from 10 to 30 to 60 minutes or more.

Note that assessments covering an entire grade level will be the longest, followed by single domain assessments. Single standard assessments will be the shortest. Students can track their progress with the green bar at the top of the screen. This is also a quick way for teachers to check progress as they circulate the room.

Once students have completed the assessment, they will return to their dashboard to choose other assignments on which to work.



*NOTE: Students can pick up exactly where they left off during benchmark assessments, so these do not need to be completed in one sitting.


Here’s how to check class progress and performance on the benchmark assessment:


1) To check completion progress on the benchmark assessment you just assigned to your students, click on the arrow icon next to the assessment.

You will see a list of students who have not yet completed the assessment, as well as a list of students who have already completed the assessment. This makes it easy to track the completion!

Once an assignment is completely finished, meaning all students have completed it, it will be moved from the list of assignments and will be filed under the Completed Assignments section at the top of the page. You will see each completed assignment as well as a link to the sessions tab to see how students performed.


2) Click on the white "See Results" button or visit the Reports page (on the left navigation bar) and click "Assessment Report" to see student performance on the benchmark assessment.

When you view the completion progress for each assignment, you can click the white "See Results" button for a direct link to the assessment data (stored in the Sessions report). Alternatively, you can log in to your Teacher Dashboard, click on "Reports" under Math on the left navigation bar, and click "Assessment Report". You will find a list of the benchmark assessments you have assigned. They are organized by date, and you can see what you assigned, as well as completion progress. 


To learn more about the detailed reporting available for benchmark assessments, click here.

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