How are the math questions for students selected? How can I have a student review a particular math concept?

Freckle is composed of two different types of practice: Adaptive Practice and Assigned Practice. 

Adaptive Practice: For each domain, students start with a pre-test. This pre-test determines their level, and students work from that point onward
  • When students do well on a topic, we considered it mastered. There is no set number of questions it takes to reach mastery - it's a more involved process that takes timing, order, difficulty, and accuracy into account.
  • When students struggle with a topic, Freckle automatically remediates them. This means that we use the Freckle adaptive algorithm and the standard breakdowns to work through material that supports understanding of whatever the student is having trouble with. If the student continues to struggle, the program will reinforce topics he or she has previously mastered and gradually work towards mastery.
  • Freckle automatically reviews concepts the student struggled with in the past. When a student has trouble with something, the program first works towards remediating the student and helping him/her master it.
Targeted Practice: Teachers send their students assignments, focusing on a particular domain and level.
  • Students will be given 10 questions on a particular standard that they select. If students answer a question incorrectly, the program will still give them several attempts to correctly answer the question, but it will be scored as incorrect on the assignment.
  • Once students have answered 10 questions at that level, the program will take them out of targeted practice and have them continue working on adaptive practice.
  • Questions are selected randomly and pulled from the standard that correlates with the level the student selected.
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