Can I have my students retake the pretest to see growth over time? What is the Freckle Challenge?

Freckle is adaptive, meaning that as students practice, Freckle will automatically adjust their level up and down. This means that letting students practice will ensure that they are at their appropriate level. With the Freckle Challenge and the adaptive nature of the program, teachers should not need to reset student work to have students retake the present (apart from very specific situations).

Freckle Challenge

The Freckle Challenge will automatically have students retake the pretest every few months to monitor growth over time.

Here's how it works:

  • If a student goes to practice in a domain and hasn’t taken a pretest in that domain the last 60 days, they’ll see the ‘Freckle Challenge’ prompt and take a pretest.
  • If the student places above their current practice level in this pretest, we’ll update their current level.
  • If the student places below their current practice level in this pretest, we will not update their current level.
  • Students cannot skip the Freckle Challenge. They can choose not to start it.
  • Students will receive 5x as many coins during this pretest.
  • The Freckle Challenge only happens in student-led adaptive math practice.
  • You can tell students are in a challenge by looking at the background. We have unique backgrounds for challenge sessions (e.g. mountains of coins).
  • The Freckle Challenge will not prevent a student from doing teacher-assigned work, but it will prevent students from doing student-led adaptive practice. As soon as they complete the challenge (5-15 minutes), the adaptive practice will re-open to them.


  • The Freckle Challenge operates in the exact same way as our current pre-test. The number of questions is variable, and will depend on how students are performing.
  • The Freckle Challenge has audio support for all questions.


  • The Freckle Challenge will appear on your reports like any other adaptive practice session.
    • It will show up in the activity feed under ‘Adaptive Practice’
    • It will affect a student’s placement in a domain on the Groups report
    • It will show up on the student’s report card


When Should I Reset Student Work?

For this reason, you should only reset student work to have students retake the diagnostic if you believe another student (or sibling) accidentally logged into the account and ended up with the student at a level so different from his or her current working level that the program is rendered useless. Do note that even then, this difference in ability and practice will only last several sessions, as the program quickly works to adapt to student ability level.

If you do want to reset student progress, you can do so through the Roster page in the top left of your teacher dashboard.

Click on the settings button next to the student's name, and choose "Reset student options".


Then, you will see the option to reset students by subject or domain. Note that if you reset a student, ALL of their past data in that subject/domain will be lost. Make sure you are certain that you want to reset students before doing so.


After resetting a student's work in a particular subject or domain, he or she will need to begin again with the diagnostic.

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