What can I do on the Roster page?

The Roster page is used as an administrative tool in which you can add, move, remove, and edit students that are signed up to your class account. To easily access your roster, click the "Roster" button on the left navigation bar.


Adding a Class

To add a class, click on the "Add New Class" button on the Roster page.

After clicking 'Add New Class', you will be given a choice. You can either import your students from Google Classroom or name your class and manually enter your students.


Next, you will be prompted to name the class and select the grades of students in your class. You may select one grade or multiple grade levels depending on whether you teach a single grade or a class with students from multiple grade levels. This will not limit the content you or your students have access to. 

Finally, you will be prompted to add students to your class. If you have your roster in a spreadsheet, you can choose the "Copy & Paste from Spreadsheet" option.


Otherwise, click the "+Add" button, and enter each student's full name and select his or her grade level. Continue to add students in this way.


After creating a course, you'll see instructions for how to get your students logged in to Freckle.


To learn how to add multiple classes, click here.  

Adding Students to Roster

To add students to an existing class, scroll to the class in your roster and click on the "Class Options" drop-down menu and select "Add students”.


Once you have clicked on that button, a screen will pop up that looks like this:


This will help you determine whether you need to add a new student or whether you were actually trying to move a student from one roster to another.

If you're trying to add a new student, you'll see the following:


Click "+Add" and enter each new student's full name and adjust his or her grade level (if needed). Continue to add students in this way. Click "Edit Class" to finish adding students to your class. You will now be able to see that student listed in your class. When that student logs in to use Freckle, they will have to use the name that you gave them, so make sure the spelling is correct.


Editing Student Info on Roster

If there is an error with a student's name or grade, you can edit the name by clicking on the settings button to the far right of the student name and selecting "Edit Student".


From here, you can edit the spelling of Ashton's name, for example, or change his name to an agreed upon nickname that he prefers to be called. You can also change his grade level if you entered it incorrectly, or change his language settings to include Spanish support. Note: Spanish supports are only for Freckle's Math program. Press "Save" after editing.



Editing What Students See 

Want to know more about what your students can access during practice? From the roster menu, click "Edit Dashboard Settings." 


From the Dashboard Settings page, you can learn more about what each student can access by default. Roll over each practice mode to read a short description of how it fits into the classroom. Screen_Shot_2019-09-16_at_10.48.23_AM.pngIf you have Premium Math or ELA, you can select or deselect practice modes for students who have different needs. You can also deselect individual math domains within the Adaptive Math practice mode to give students more focus in the classroom! 

If you wish to apply the settings in bulk, select "Apply to all students." This will apply the domain and practice mode settings to all students in your class who are at the same grade level as the selected student. Screen_Shot_2019-09-16_at_10.48.32_AM.png

Note that when a student's grade level changes, we reset all dashboard settings and you will have to create them again from the Dashboard Settings page. 

Transferring Students to Another Teacher

The "Share/Transfer" button makes it easy to pass students along to another teacher/class. This action is useful if students in your 3rd grade class are moving to another teacher for 4th grade, for example. It is can also be used when a student changes teachers at any point in the school year.



Start by choosing the students that you would like to transfer by clicking on them. Student names will appear blue with a check mark next to them when they are going to be transferred to another teacher. You can select as many students as you would like to transfer to a teacher.

Then, you'll need to select the teacher to send students to. If you don't see the teacher's name in the drop-down menu, it means he or she is not signed up with Freckle or has not affiliated his or her account with your school. Ensure that he or she creates an account or chooses the correct school affiliation before proceeding.




Once everything looks right on the transfer modal, click on the Transfer button at the bottom right of the page. A popup will prompt you to double-check the students you are transferring and the teacher to whom you are transferring them.


Press the blue "Transfer Students" button when you've confirmed the move.

Your students will move along with their data, ensuring that they transfer seamlessly to their new class. Their new teacher will have access to this data and have a good understanding of these students' progress and performance.

To transfer an entire roster to another teacher, click on the Class options drop down menu at the top of your class, and select "Transfer class to a teacher". A screen will pop up prompting you to transfer students. Use the drop down menu at the top of the screen to choose a teacher at your school to whom to transfer your students.


Removing Students from Roster

To remove a student from your roster, click the "Remove student" option from the settings dropdown next to his or her name. This function is useful if a student leaves your school and moves to a different school that isn't in the same district (within the same district, we encourage teachers to transfer students and their data to the new teacher). mceclip11.png

A student account with no data will be completely deleted. However, if the student has practiced on Freckle at all and has data, this student's account will stay saved in the system (though his or her account will be removed from your roster and reporting pages). It is possible to get a student back on your roster and his or her data back on your reports once removed.

To do this, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue text in the bottom right that says "See my removed students." You will then see a list of all of the students you have removed. 


To move a student back onto your roster (and to see his or her data in your reports again), click the "Restore" button to the right of his or her name. That student will now appear back on your active roster in your first class. From there, you can move the student to any of your classes. 


The reason we remove students this way is that our goal is to help teachers retain student data and track student progress over several years and grade levels. Instead of deleting students from the system entirely, you can remove them from your roster and reports or transfer them to another teacher. You are still removing students from your roster with both of these actions.

We encourage our teachers to transfer their students to their next teacher at the end of the school year, helping those teachers to understand the progress and performance of the students in their new, incoming class.


Removing a Roster

It's a new school year and you are looking to start fresh! We highly recommend transferring students to next year's teacher so that their data and progress on Freckle is not lost. To learn how to do this, scroll up to the section titled "Moving Students to Another Teacher." If you do not wish to do this, for whatever reason, (because students are going to a new school or because next year's teacher does not use the program, etc.) you can remove your class by simply clicking the "Remove class" option from the "Class Options" drop-down at the top of the roster. As the section before mentioned, students who have practiced on Freckle and have data will stay saved in the system but will be removed from your roster and reporting pages. You will no longer see these students on your roster, and it will appear empty if you remove them all. You can then add new students to your roster for the upcoming year.


Resetting Students

The settings button for each student will allow you to reset their data on Freckle. Resetting student data will erase it completely, and you will be unable to retrieve this data.



A popup will come up. You can reset ELA & Social Studies, Word Study, or specific math domains for a student. Choose the subject(s) or domain(s) that you would like to reset. The student to whom this account belongs will have to retake the diagnostic in whichever domain was reset. 


Sharing Students

For more information on sharing students, reference the article linked here
Setting Password Protection

There are two options for students to login to Freckle. The first option is to have students use their first name, last name and a class code associated with their classroom. The second option is to enable password protection. When password protection is turned on, students login using their first name, last name, class code and password. To learn how, see here.

Print Login Cards
You can print login cards for your students to help them learn how to log in to Freckle, or to send home. You can select to Print Login Cards for all of your classes, one of your classes or one student.
To print login cards for all of your classes in your roster, click on "Print login cards" at the top right of the page. Select the blue "Print" button at the top of the page, and you'll have all of your logins for all of your classes.
To print login cards for one roster in your account, select the "Class Options" dropdown menu from the class in your roster, and select "Print login cards". From there, you'll click the blue "Print" button at the top of the page. 
To print a login card for an individual student, you can select the settings dropdown to the right of their name, and select "Print Login Card". You'll then select the blue "Print" button at the top of the page. 
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