What can I do on the Standards page?

The CC Standards page lists every standard covered in K-8 math and provides information/resources regarding each standard.


Changing Domains

In order to look at standards from different domains, you can click on the drop down menu under “Select Common Core Math Domain” and select which domain you want to see.



Selecting a different domain will take you to that domain’s page, allowing you to reference the standards for which you are looking.


What do the different parts of the CC Standards page mean?

Each part of the CC Standards page relates to either Freckle or the Common Core State Standards sorting and naming, as shown below:

Note that the levels, short names, standard descriptions and identifiers are all different for the different domains.


Getting Information/Resources about a standard

In order to get more information or resources about a particular standard, you can click on any part of the standard description.  Once you click on the standard, you will be taken to a new page that looks similar to the one shown below.


At the top of the page, you will see the standard description written in full.  This image shows a 7th grade standard that expects students to “use measures of center and measures of variability for numerical data from random samples to draw informal comparative inferences about two populations”.

Just beneath the standard description, the standard page gives you sample questions related to the standard that are pulled directly from the Freckle database.  If you want to focus on one particular question, click on the question to increase the size (as shown below).  From here, you can toggle through all 4 sample questions by clicking to the right or the left of the question.


These sample questions are very useful when you are working with a small group and want to work on different problems to check for understanding or clear up misconceptions.  Once you are done with the sample questions, click on the question to return to the original page view.

At the bottom of the standard page will be a list of instructional videos that help to explain the standard.  Coming from a wide variety of websites, these videos can be used with small groups or the whole class to aid in explaining the material.  Find the video you want to show, click on it, and the website will take you directly to the video.

Please note that Freckle is not affiliated with any of these video providers. These are here simply as a convenience for you to reference for teaching ideas, or to show your students the videos through your computer directly.



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