How do I share a student's data with another teacher?

In schools around the country, it is becoming very common for multiple teachers to work together towards educating students. Whether it is a co-taught classroom, a general education teacher working with a resource teacher, or a math interventionist planning out individualized lessons for a group of students, teamwork is vital if we want to succeed. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for all teachers to have a complete understanding of student strengths and weaknesses, preventing key stakeholders from providing every student with the best math education possible.
This is why we built the new "Share" feature. By sharing a student on Freckle, all teachers involved in the education of a student will have an updated look at his or her progress and performance, lending insight as to how they should target instruction and provide support. The share feature makes sure that every teacher is able to do their best work so that all students can reach their full potential.
Sharing Students 
You can easily share students between teachers with a few clicks. Simply click into the "Student Actions" menu next to a student's name and select "Share with a teacher"
Once you choose to share that student, a popup window will prompt you to select the teacher(s) from your school with whom you want to share that student and his or her data.
You will see your name as the "owner" of the student, since you created his or her account. To share the student, select another teacher's name from the dropdown menu and click "Share." You will see this teacher's name added to the list of teachers with access to this student. You can share a student with as many teachers as you need! Once you have shared with all teachers involved in this student's education, press "Done."
Now, all teachers on the share list will have access to that student's data. You will see the word "Shared" next to that student's name in your roster.
Say a teacher with whom you once shared a student no longer works with that student. You can unshare a student by clicking the "Share" button next to that student's name and selecting the "Unshare" button next to the teacher's name.
That teacher will no longer have access to that student's data, and he or she will no longer show up on that teacher's roster.

Sharing FAQs

How do I know if I shared a student with a teacher?

If you click “student actions” and then click “share student with a teacher,” you will see a window pops up indicating what teachers are receiving data about this student.


A teacher just shared their class with me, but I don’t see that roster in my account. Why?

Two things:

  • Make sure you have created a class. If nothing else, put yourself in the class; until you do this, you won’t be able to “receive” any students.
  • When another teacher shares a class (or just a student) with you, that student automatically is put into your first class. To “move” the student into another class of yours, click the button that says “student actions” next to the student you’d like to move, then click “move student to another class of mine.” Choose the class and you’re done!


When I share a student with another teacher, what can I see regarding that student? And how about the teacher I shared the student with?

Whether you are the “owner” of that student or the teacher that “received” that student, you are able to see all the student’s data and activity in your reports.


If I shared multiple students or a student with a teacher, which class code should the student use?

The student should always us the specific class code when with the teacher they’re currently working with.


If I’m the “owner” of the student in the roster, and I give out 3 assignments, and the teacher I shared the student with gives out 2 assignments, what will the student see?

The student will see 5 assignments on their dashboard. 


What happens if I “remove” a student that I’ve shared with another teacher?

Neither you nor the “receiving” teacher will see the student anymore. However, the student can be “restored” at any time by you when you go to “manage roster,” scroll to the bottom, and click “removed students.” Click “restore student” and then re-share with the teacher. 


If I’m the “owner” of the student and I have focus mode turned on, will the student have to complete all assignments with me and the teacher I shared the student with?

No, the student will only be in “focus mode” in your class, as long as the student uses your class code when logging into Freckle.

What is the benefit of sharing?

  • For the student, they only need to take the diagnostic pre-tests one time, and, most importantly (!!) they can aggregate their coins in one place J
  • For teachers, everyone who works with the student can see comprehensive data and results for that student.
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