How do I confirm my email address with Freckle

I have signed up for an account. How do I verify my email?

Please check your email inbox (including your Spam folder) to make sure you have received the confirmation email from Freckle. Sometimes it can take a couple of minutes for it to arrive.

When you have received the confirmation email, please click on the link inside and your verification will be complete.

I'm not sure if I have been successfully verified

Log into your Teacher Dashboard and see if the Email Verification step shown at the top has a check mark through it. If it does, that means that your email is verified!

I accidentally deleted the verification email, can I get another one?

No problem! Click on the Resend email link on the Email Verification step at the top of the Teacher Dashboard and we will send you a new verification email.

Help, I still can't find the verification email!

Still not getting the email? Please contact your school's IT staff and have them white-list email incoming from Freckle will be unable to send you email until that is addressed. You will be missing out on a lot of critical Freckle features if you are unable to receive email communication from us.

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