What content and topics does Freckle cover in Math Practice?

We cover all of the major standards and skills in math for grades K-9. Freckle groups skills and standards into larger topics, often called domains. Below, you can see the major topic groups we cover (as well as their abbreviated names)!

Note: These names may appear differently depending on what state you are in and what standards your school follows!

Elementary School Topics

  • Counting and Cardinality (CC) - grade K
  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking (OA) - grades K-5
  • Numbers and Operations in Base 10 (NBT) - grades K-5
  • Geometry (G) - grades K-8
  • Measurement & Data (MD) - grades K-5
  • Numbers & Operations - Fractions (NF) - grades 3-5

Middle School Topics

  • Ratios & Proportions (RP) - grades 6-7
  • Statistics & Probability (SP) - grades 6-8
  • Expressions & Equations (EE) - grades 6-8
  • The Number System (NS) - grades 6-8
  • Geometry (G) - grades K-8
  • Functions (F) - grade 8

High School Topics

  • Algebra 1 (grade 9)

Are you looking for more basic concepts? Check out Number Basics or Number Facts (both available for K-2 students)! 

  • Number Basics covers foundational math skills and number sense
  • Number Facts covers practice in conceptual understandings of addition and subtraction
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