Some of my more advanced students are working on content that I haven't taught yet. What should I do?

Since Freckle is completely adaptive, your higher students may breeze through the easier material and reach concepts that you haven't had a chance to teach. In this situation, you have a couple of options:

  1. Have these students work as tutors for the students in your class who are farther behind. This setup has many benefits, including: 1) it solidifies the knowledge for the high student, 2) it lets the low student learn from someone they can relate to most (their peer), 3) it builds confidence in the high student and teaches them important life skills, and 4) it extends your capabilities as the teacher - you don't have to be the only one who can help your students.
  2. If you can provide individual attention to these students, you can teach them the new material. If there are enough students (3-5) working on a particular topic that you have yet to teach, you can do a small group lesson before sending them back to Freckle to practice and solidify their understanding.
  3. Have these students switch to work on a different domain. Often, a student can be really strong in one domain, while struggling in another. This is a good opportunity to have the student focus on what they most need to improve.
  4. Have these students work on Assigned Practice. These students can review concepts that they have already mastered on Assigned Practice, providing the foundation they will need to master the more difficult levels on Adaptive Practice.
  5. If students are at a working level that is not appropriate and it seems as if someone else must have completed work on their account, you can reset progress on that domain. Please note that this should only be done as a last resort because once a domain is reset, all past data from that domain is wiped completely.
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