How do students login to Freckle? Is there an option for password protection?

Students login to Freckle by going to

Once there, you have a few options to have your students login to Freckle:

  • They can login with a QR Code
  • They can login using their class code, first name, last name
  • They can login using their class code, first name, last name, and password
  • If in Kindergarten or 1st grade, they will login using the K-1 login flow

All teachers always have the option to set a password for their students to login with.

Logging in with QR Codes

After navigating to, students will land on the login page. At the bottom of the login page, there is a button to click for QR code login. Students will click to "allow" the camera on their computer to be accessed. They will then hold their unique QR code up to the camera to be automatically logged in.


Teachers can print QR codes for students to use from their rosters page at any time.

Logging in with a class code

After navigating to, students will land on the login page. Students will first type in their class code. (Class codes can be found on the teacher's rosters page at any time.) If students have used that device before, they may see an option to click on a recently used class code as well.


After typing in their class code, students will be prompted to type in their first and last name. Then, they will be logged in to Freckle!

Logging in with a password

With password protection on, students login to Freckle by following all of the same steps as above. Then, they will see a screen to enter their password as their last step.

Turning on Password Protection

Go to and login to your teacher account. On the rosters page, click the drop down menu that reads "Class options" and click "Set Password Protection."

Freckle will provide passwords for you. To change them and create your own passwords for students, select a student and click "edit student." You will be able to edit and change each students' password from there.

K-1 Login

Students in a class with more than 50% of students rostered at a K-1 grade level will see a slightly different login flow. After entering their class code (or clicking on a recently used class code), students will see their class (first name, last initial), along with each student's avatar. 


Students can click on their name to begin practice in Freckle. Note that password protection is an option for these classes as well. If turned on, students will enter their password after clicking on their name.


Student Login Tips for Teachers

  1. Ensure that student names are spelled correctly on your roster and students are clear on what name to enter when signing in (for example, full name vs. a nickname).
  2. Post your class code at the Freckle of the room where students can easily see it.

Unsure of your class code? Once you've logged into your Teacher Dashboard, you will see your unique class codes next to the name of each class you've created. All students in this class will use that class code to login.

**Note, if you have multiple class rosters, each roster has a unique class code. 



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