How do students login to Freckle? Is there an option for password protection?

Students login to Freckle by going to

There are two options for students to login to Freckle. The first option is to have students use their first name, last name and a class code associated with their classroom. The second option is to enable password protection. When password protection is turned on, students login using their first name, last name, class code and password.

Password Protection Off

When password protection is off, students will head to On this page, they will see the student sign in screen. Students should enter their first name, last name, and the class code associated with their classroom, and then press the blue "Continue" button to sign in.



Password Protection On

With password protection on, students login to Freckle using their first name, last name, class code and individual password at

Turning on Password Protection

  1. Go to and login to your teacher account.
  2. On the Manage Roster page, click the drop down menu that reads "Class options" and click "Set Password Protection".        
  3. For the class you wish to turn password protection on for, select "Require student passwords on login for (class name)".
  4. Password protection is now enabled for that class. You can enable it for as many of your classes on Freckle as you want.


To change your students' passwords:

  1. Click "Student Actions" next to an individual student name
  2. Select "Edit Student"
  3. Enter the desired password for your student



When password protection is on, students should enter their first name, last name, and the class code and press Continue. Freckle will then prompt them to type in their password and students should then press the blue "Sign In" button to access their dashboards.


Student Login Tips for Teachers

  1. Ensure that student names are spelled correctly on your roster and students are clear on what name to enter when signing in (for example, full name vs. a nickname).
  2. Post your class code at the Freckle of the room where students can easily see it.

Unsure of your class code? Once you've logged into your Teacher Dashboard, you will see your unique class codes next to the name of each class you've created. All students in his or her class will use this class code to login.

**Note, if you have multiple class rosters, each roster has a unique class code. 



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