How do I transfer a student or roster to another teacher?

The transfer function makes it easy to pass students/rosters (and their data) to another teacher. This action is useful when all students in your 3rd grade class move to another teacher for 4th grade (transfer roster). It is also useful when a student changes teachers at any point during the school year (transfer student).


Transferring Students

To transfer a student, click on the Roster page on the left-hand side of your navigation bar, and follow these 4 simple steps:

1) Scroll to the student you want to transfer and click on "Share/Transfer" next to his or her name.




2) Select Transfer from the two options provided


3) Select the Student(s) and Teacher

Make sure the correct student(s) is/are highlighted and then choose the teacher to whom you want to transfer the student(s) by selecting that teacher's name from the drop-down menu. All teachers affiliated with your school will be listed. If you do not see a teacher's name, it means he or she 1) does not have a Freckle account or 2) is not affiliated with your school. You will need to ask the teacher to sign up for an account or check his or her school affiliation.


4) Confirm Transfer

Confirm the transfer of these students on the next page. These student(s) will move from your account to another teacher's account, and you will no longer have access to their data. You cannot undo this action from your account. Click the blue "Transfer Students" button, and ta-da! Your student(s) and all their data are transferred to the new teacher!


Transferring Rosters

Transferring an entire roster is easy to do on Freckle! Just head to the Roster page and follow the steps below:

1. At the top right of the roster you intend to transfer, click on the Class Options button and select "Transfer students to a teacher"



2. Select the teacher to whom all students in the roster will be transferred (note that all students will be highlighted).


3. Confirm the transfer of all students by clicking on the blue Transfer Students button. Note that this action cannot be undone!



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