How do I use the inquiry sheets with the Inquiry Based Lessons?

Accessing Inquiry Sheets

Each day of an inquiry based lesson includes a short 1-3 minute video that introduces the scenario to students. The videos may include new concepts and important information and numbers. Students don’t need to do anything but watch the video; all key information introduced in the video is available on the student inquiry sheets that correspond to that day’s lesson.

Prior to starting the lesson, teachers should print and make copies of the corresponding inquiry sheet.  To access the correct inquiry sheet, click on the "Inquiry Sheet" link in the Resources box directly to the right of that day's presentation. You can find the IBLs you have assigned listed on the "Assign Math" page. Each inquiry sheet is specific to the lesson and the day, so please ensure that you are printing the correct one.

After clicking the link, a PDF document will open. Hover your mouse in the lower right-hand corner and wait for the document options to appear. Click on the printer icon on the far right. Print one and make a class set of copies. Each student needs his or her own inquiry sheet for the lesson to jot notes, write questions, and show all work.


Using Inquiry Sheets

The inquiry sheets are designed to guide students through the inquiry process. You will notice that the daily objective is listed at the top of each inquiry sheet. This keeps students and teachers focused on what the goal is for the day.

Each inquiry sheet also includes key information from the video. Any relevant numbers or important information is listed here for students to decide to use or not. After each inquiry video, it is beneficial to go through the key information presented in the video as a class.

A key component of the inquiry based lessons is that students actually come up with the question(s) to answer on their own, engaging in active problem-solving and building conceptual understanding. In all presentations for grades 1 through 5, guiding questions help students decide together on the question(s) to answer. For middle school lessons, we give students more independence in determining the question(s). Students should write their questions in the "Developing the Question" box to continually remind themselves of what they are trying to answer.

Each inquiry sheet provides a space for student work. Some inquiry sheets include a picture or graph that displays information students will use to solve the inquiry. Other inquiry sheets are completely blank in the student work space. Students can use the front and back of their inquiry sheets (and additional scratch paper or whiteboards, if needed) to show their work. Teachers may also choose to allow students to use manipulatives to show their work.

Students should use the inquiry sheets during the group work portion of the lesson and during their group presentations. Teachers can collect inquiry sheets to gauge student thinking and see evidence of group work.

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