What can I do on the School Dashboard?

The Administrator Dashboard is a feature available with Freckle's School Edition. It allows administrators to be involved in the data tracking and assessing of students school-wide.

On the Manage Teachers page, administrators can see the number of student-licenses their school purchased and the current license allocation against what they purchased. This allows the administrator to track their school(s) student-license allocation and usage. Administrators can also see the number of students practicing with Freckle by class as well as the number of questions a class answered the week prior. They can remove teachers from their school, view the teacher accounts and invite new teachers at their site to join Freckle.

The Student page shows the questions answered the week prior across the entire school. 

The Assessment Analytics page shows an analysis of assessment average by teacher and by grade. This analysis is displayed in graph form for whole-class and whole-grade data. Individual student performance on the last given assessment is displayed at the bottom of the page.

The Assessments page allows administrators to notify teachers of students who need to take a grade-level assessment. You can send e-mail notifications to teachers asking them to administer a particular assessment. 

Overall, the Administrator Dashboard is a useful tool for principals to stay informed about student performance and progress as well as monitor the use of Freckle at their site.


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