What are inquiry based lessons?

Inquiry Based Lessons are cross-curricular activities that build conceptual understanding of mathematical topics while students explore real-world scenarios. In anInquiry Based Lesson, students participate in learning experiences where they develop the questions to answer and work together to find solutions. Inquiry Based Lessons encourage collaboration, critical thinking, and productive struggle among students. They promote conceptual understanding rather than teaching students to resort to an algorithm.

Our Inquiry Based Lessons span a wide range of engaging and age-appropriate topics: taking a trip to the local library, providing disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina, helping the President plan the fiscal budget, and scuba diving in salt water lakes. We aim to connect each inquiry based lesson to a science or social studies concept associated with that grade level, in addition to covering specific math standards.
Freckle's Inquiry Based Lessons cover all standards for grades 1 through 8. We are constantly launching new lessons and adding them to our library!
To explore Freckle's library of Inquiry Based Lessons, click here or log on to your Teacher Dashboard and click on "+Add an Assignment"  on the "Assign Math" page. You can search by grade level, standard, or topic to find a lesson that works perfectly for your class!
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