What information can I see on the Student page?

The Practice Data page allows administrators to see data for students across various grade levels and teachers. It is the first page you see when you log on to the Administrator Dashboard.

Sorting the Practice Data Chart

It is important to note that the date range can be changed at the top of the page. Administrators can see data from a single day to as far back as the student has data using the program. You might want to look at growth over a month or even the entire school year. The data you see displayed in the table will change as you change the date range. 

For instance, if it's April and you want to see students' overall growth since winter break, be sure to set the date range from the day they returned from winter break - let's say January 6th of this year - to today's date. If you want to see their growth since the beginning of the year, change the starting date to the first day of school.

To change the date range, click inside of each of the date range boxes. You can select the month, day, or year and change it by using the number keys on your keyboard. You can also use the up/down arrow button to move the month, day, or year up and down by 1.  Clicking the large black down arrow inside the date range box will prompt you to choose a date on a calendar. Don't forget to change both the starting and ending date of the range. Once you are happy with your date range selection, click the "Change date range" button to the right.

It is also important to not that administrators can view the Practice Data chart by 10, 25, 50 or 100 students at a time. To change the number of records seen on the page, click the dropdown menu next to "records per page" and select the number you wish to see.

In the Practice Data chart, the default setting shows you data by teacher. However, you can sort by any of the column headings: teacher name, student name, overall grade level, overall growth, or by standard performance. To sort in any of these ways, click the column heading and watch the data sort itself. Clicking twice will sort the data in the opposite direction.

Understanding Practice Data

The Practice Data page gives information about students' performance and progress. The chart will change based on the date range, so be sure to select a range that makes sense for the information you are trying to see.

Overall Grade Level tells you a student's estimated grade level in terms of performance, not the grade in which the student is enrolled. Grade level is calculated by averaging student performance on both adaptive and assigned practice, across all domains. For the domains in which students have yet to begin working, the program will estimate that student’s grade level using detailed analysis of their previous diagnostic test results.

Overall Growth tells you a student's progress within a certain date range (which you must select). It calculates approximately how many years of growth a student has made using the program during that time. For example, seeing 0.58 in this column means that a student has made a little over a half of a year of growth. For more information about the color coding used in this column, click here.

Administrators can also see performance by standard. If you know 3rd grade students have been working on fractions all month, you can change the date range, sort by teacher, and focus on the NF column in the Practice Data chart. Both elementary and middle school standards are displayed in the chart. For a more detailed description of each of the domain sort names you see in the chart, click here.

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