How long does an Inquiry Based Lesson take?

Each day of an Inquiry Based Lesson takes between 55 and 70 minutes, the amount of time usually allotted for a math block. Inquiry based lessons require minimal prep (reviewing the inquiry, making copies of the inquiry sheets, setting up a projector, etc.).

Each day of an inquiry based lesson follows a similar structure. Below, you will find the suggested timing for each part of an inquiry:

  1. Daily Review - 3 minutes for students to work, 3 minutes to review
  2. Inquiry Video - 5 minutes (play 2x)
  3. Determining the Purpose of the Inquiry - 5 minutes
  4. Determining the Question to Answer - 5 minutes
  5. Reviewing Suggested Questions - 2 minutes
  6. Forming Groups / Reviewing Guidelines - 4 minutes
  7. Inquiry Group Work - 10 minutes
  8. Group Presentation - 10 minutes
  9. Correct Solution - 5 minutes
  10. Reflection - 5 minutes
  11. Freckle Practice - 15 minutes

Note that a bulk of the time is spent on group work and sharing strategies. This is a suggested structure, and teachers should feel free to modify as they see necessary.

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