What is the timing for each part of an Inquiry Based Lesson?

Each day of an inquiry based lesson takes between 55 and 70 minutes, the amount of time usually allotted for a math block. Inquiry based lessons require minimal prep (reviewing the inquiry, making copies of the inquiry sheets, setting up a projector, etc.). Preparing for an in can be done in advance, leaving the entire math block for the inquiry.

Each day of an inquiry based lesson follows a similar structure. Below, you will find the suggested timing for each part of an inquiry:

  1. Daily Review - 3 minutes for students to work, 3 minutes to review
  2. Inquiry Video - 5 minutes (play 2x)
  3. Determining the Purpose of the Inquiry - 5 minutes
  4. Determining the Question to Answer - 5 minutes
  5. Reviewing Suggested Questions - 2 minutes
  6. Forming Groups / Reviewing Guidelines - 4 minutes
  7. Inquiry Group Work - 10 minutes
  8. Group Presentation - 10 minutes
  9. Correct Solution - 5 minutes
  10. Reflection - 5 minutes
  11. Freckle Practice - 15 minutes

Note that a bulk of the time is spent on group work and sharing strategies. This is a suggested structure, and teachers should feel free to modify as they see necessary.

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