How can I assign reading comprehension questions to my students?

Freckle's ELA program offers adaptive reading comprehension practice and writing prompts for your students! Our informational articles cover a wide variety of high-interest topics in various genres from science, to biographies, to sports. Many of the articles go hand in hand with science and social studies topics typically covered in grades 1-8. 

To assign an ELA article to your class, log on to your Teacher Dashboard and click "Assign ELA" on the left navigation bar.


After clicking "Add an Assignment" you will see this pop-up. Click on "Articles."



From there, you will be taken to Freckle's library of ELA articles. Each article is offered at at least 5 different reading levels. Scroll up and down to browse through the various articles or use the filters to find articles that cover specific anchor skills or are within a particular genre. You can also search for article by grade-level using the grade filter. It is important to note that each article focuses in on 2 to 3 key anchor standards for reading informational text (RI). The short names for these anchor standards are listed for each article. If you want your students to work on main idea, for example, be sure to pick an article that lists "Summarizing and Main Ideas" as one of the covered anchor standards.



Let's say I want to assign the Fossils article to my class. Click on the article and you will be taken to the article overview page. Here, you can see the the text and questions for each of the 5 reading levels. In this case, the article is available at a level 7.9, 4.7, 3.3, 2.6, and 1.8.  Read through the text and questions at each level by clicking on the grade level. You will notice that the text and the questions change from level to level. This is because our leveling system depends on text complexity -- the lower the level, the less complex the text. Similarly, the less complex the text, the less difficult the questions.

Note: Clicking "Assign" does NOT mean that you are assigning ALL students to read 1 selected level. The "Assign" button simply indicates that you would like to assign this article to some or all of your students. It will take you to the next page where you can see recommended reading levels for each student and modify them based on what you know about your students' individual abilities.



When you are sure you want to assign the article to your students, click the green "Assign" button. You will be taken to the assignment page. All students in your class will appear on the list with a recommended reading level assigned to each student as the default. Please note that there is no recommended level for students who have not completed the diagnostic and you cannot assign articles to these students until they have done so.

When assigning articles, you as the teacher have the ability to change each student's assigned level should you feel he or she should read a more or less difficult version of the article. To do this, use the dropdown menu to select the level at which you would like the student to read the article. You can also decide to only assign the article to specific students. When selecting students, you can click "Select All" or go through and select which students you would like to read the article.

Once you have the appropriate reading levels selected for each student, click the green "Assign" button at the bottom of the assignments page. All teacher have 5 article assignments per month. School Edition users get unlimited access to ELA article assignments.

You will be taken to the ELA Assignments Page, where you will see the list of students to whom you've assigned the article, the level at which you assigned it to each of them, as well as each student's answers and accuracy. You will not see this information updated until students have completed the assignment. Refresh and return to this page as students complete the assignment.

Realize there's a more relevant article to assign to your students than the one you just assigned? Not a problem! If no students have completed the assignment, you can un-assign an article by going to the Assign ELA page and clicking "Remove from list". If you do not see this option, it means at least one student has started the assignment, and it will count as one of your 5 allotted assignments for the month.

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