What are Articles and Stories and how do I assign them to my students?

Freckle's ELA Library contains nonfiction articles and fiction stories that cover a wide variety of high-interest topics and genres.  From Biographies, Careers, Science, and Technology to Mystery, Realistic, Historical, and Science Fiction, our text library is guaranteed to provide a range of engaging reading opportunities for all students. Many of the articles go hand in hand with science, social studies, and other topics typically covered in grades K-8. 

Each article/story is available at 3 to 5 reading levels, and contains reading comprehension practice and writing prompts for your students at those levels. All of our questions are aligned to specific skills and standards, so teachers can easily target particular learning objectives. In addition, our articles and stories can be filtered by the specific skill, standard, article level, or genre, as pictured below.

While all teachers are able to assign 5 articles or stories per month, School Edition users get unlimited access to ELA article and story assignments.



Follow these steps to assign an ELA article or story

(1) Log onto your Teacher Dashboard

(2) Click "ELA" on your left navigation bar. Then, click on "Read articles & stories."

(3) On the right side of the webpage, click "Assign an article."

(4) You will arrive at Freckle's Article/Story library. You can search the library by scrolling up and down, typing in a keyword, or filtering by text type, skill domain, genre or reading level.

        - Each article/story focuses on 2 anchor skill domains throughout, and those are listed below the title once your search has completed. The Freckle reading levels in which the articles are available is shown at the bottom of the article display.

(5) Click on the article to preview each leveled text, and the reading comprehension questions and writing prompts that can be presented to students.

        - You can switch between reading-level texts with the drop-down on the top left of the page.

(6) When ready, click "Assign" at the top middle of the page. Here you need to make a few selections before the assignment is finalized.

         - "Select Assignment Type" -- select the tasks you would like to assign: just reading and questions, reading + vocabulary practice, writing


         - "Select Grade Level" and "Select Course" -- Freckle will default to assigning a student's adaptive level, but you may chose a specific level to assign to students. You will also want to choose the class that contains the students to whom you want to make an assignment.


      - "Select Students" -- you can select all students or specific students to assign the article. Our system will automatically tell you the adaptive level that best matches each student, and you have another chance to change it if desired.

               --  There will be no recommended level for students who have not completed the diagnostic and you cannot assign articles to these students until they have done so.


(7) When all details are selected to match your needs, click "Assign" at the bottom of the page, and the assignment will appear in the students' inbox! You will be directed to the "Assignments Page" and can also preview progress towards completion!



If you would like to change the article you have assigned to a student, you can un-assign if they have not started it! On the assignments page, click on the drop down arrow on the right next to "View Report," and click "Add or remove students". You may then select and unselect students of your choosing, and "Save."



In addition, Freckle ELA articles are easy to reassign!...and this can come in handy for students to practice building mastery of a skill with familiar material!
If you are working with the free version of the program, reassigned articles do not count as a another assignment within the same month. 
To reassign an article:
(1) Go to "ELA" and "Reports" on the left navigation bar.
(2) Click on "Article & Story Activity." This will show you how many students completed each article assigned.
(3) Click "View Details" for the desired article. This will show you the details of the article and the student's responses to the comprehension questions. 
(4) On the top of the page towards the right, you will be able to click on "Reassign."
(5) This will take you to the Assignment page, and follow these instructions to continue assigning the article!
No assignment are ever deleted, so as the teacher, you will be able to look back at the first completion of the assignment and see how students improved with the reassignment.

Happy Assigning!!


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