How does Freckle fit into my ELA block?

Freckle's reading comprehension articles fit into an ELA block in three primary ways:

1) Independent Practice & Whole Class Discussion

2) Small Groups

3) Homework


Independent Practice & Whole Class Discussion

Freckle's ELA articles give teachers a ton of flexibility in deciding how to incorporate them into their classrooms. ELA articles can be used during independent reading time, in literacy centers, or as a way to link science and social studies concepts to reading. 

Students can work independently on an assigned article. The whole class can be reading an article independently on the same topic, assuring that each student is reading text at an appropriate level, but allowing the class to then engage in a discussion on the same topic. Teachers can pull questions from the various levels of the article to facilitate a class discussion.

After (or instead of) facilitating class discussion, teachers can see a general class report on ELA assignment completion by using the using the ELA Reports Page on the Teacher Dashboard. To get a better understanding of student performance, teachers can click on "View Full Report" next to each assigned article. Teachers can see a breakdown by student for each article. Clicking on "View Student Report" next to a student's name will enable teachers to see the exact article the student read and his or her answers.


Small Group Use of Freckle

Since students can work independently on their devices to complete assigned ELA articles, you will also have time to pull small groups. You can select students who fall within the same level and who need extra practice on reading comprehension. You can even pull your own small guided reading groups during this time. As with any small group work, it is important that you review expectations with the students who are not in the small group.  Make sure that they know what to do if they get stuck on a problem, what the expected noise level in the classroom is, the goals for the session, and how to get help if they really need it.

Not every classroom or school has a device for every student to use during an ELA block. For these classes, using Freckle with small groups has proven valuable. Rather than foregoing Freckle entirely, a teacher can use the assigned ELA articles as an effective and low-prep literacy center.



Freckle has become a teacher favorite for assigning homework as it saves hours each week. Teachers can assign ELA articles as homework, and students can easily log on to their student accounts at home to complete assigned articles. With so many students having access to iPads and computers at home, this option works well in many classes.  

A teacher can see a general class report on ELA assignment completion by using the using the ELA Reports Page on his or her Teacher Dashboard. Here, teachers will find a list of assigned articles and student completion. To determine whether a student completed his or her homework on a particular day, how many questions he or she answered correctly, and his or her accuracy percentage, teachers can click on "View Full Report" next to the assigned article. Teachers can see a breakdown by student. Clicking on "View Student Report" will take teachers to the exact article the student read and his or her answers.  This option makes assigning and grading reading comprehension homework easier than ever before - saving hours upon hours of searching, printing and grading homework.

Whether you use Freckle's ELA articles for independent practice and a whole class discussion, in small groups, or for homework, it is a valuable program that will get the best out of each and every student in your class. 

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