How does Freckle ELA measure reading comprehension? Is the program adaptive, and how do students grow?

When students begin using Freckle ELA, they complete the diagnostic pre-test, which determines their adaptive Freckle Text Level. The ELA diagnostic consists of passages at different reading levels, and comprehension questions representing a variety of reading skills. Students will continue in the diagnostic until text too difficult (low accuracy) in order for our system to determine their reading level. See here to learn more about Freckle Text Level and how it is broken down by qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

Once students have taken the diagnostic, ELA article and stories as well as ELA Skills will automatically match to their adaptive level when they elect particular activities, and adaptive levels will be recommended when making assignments.

At Freckle, we collected research-based practices with our team of past teachers to thoughtfully create a system that most accurately measures growth in reading levels as students practice with many of our products. Our system tracks how many questions a student answers accurately within a session the first time from text to text, and over a period of many texts, to determine when a student has met a threshold to move up a reading level.

As students increase their reading levels, the program adapts to their new reading level when providing ELA articles and stories! 

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