Is Freckle offered in Spanish?


Freckle's adaptive math program is available in Spanish! Spanish-speakers can practice in math in each of the math domains. To change a student's language settings, click "Roster" on the left navigation bar on your Teacher Dashboard.

Once on the Roster page, you can modify each student's language settings using the "gear" button next to each student's name, and clicking "Edit student". You will notice that the default language is English for all students unless otherwise specified.


On clicking "Edit student", you will see the ability to change their language.


Now, when that student logs on to Freckle and practices math, his or her entire dashboard and all math practice domains will be in Spanish.

The Spanish language setting on Freckle helps all students access the program and participate in adaptive math practice!

ELA/Science/Social Studies

In ELA, Science, and Social Studies, the landing page and all instructions will be in Spanish, but the content will only be available in English. This helps to ensure that all students can understand the purpose of the activity before getting an opportunity to develop their English language skills.





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