What can I do on the Assign Math page?

Freckle allows teachers to assign math practice to students and have more control over what work students are completing. Teachers can assign adaptive practice sessions, targeted practice assignments, fact practice, benchmark assessments, and Inquiry Based Lessons. With Assigned Practice, teachers can plan assignments accordingly and ensure little confusion around what work to complete.
On the Teacher Dashboard, teachers can directly send any of these assignments or assessments to students' accounts. Just click on the "Assignments" tab on the left navigation bar to get started!
Here's what you can do with the Assignments feature:
Simply click the blue "+Add An Assignment" button to begin assigning work to your students! You will see the various types of assignments that you can send to your students. Scroll down to learn a bit more about each assignment type.

Adaptive Practice
Teachers can choose to have students working at their individual levels within a domain by assigning an adaptive practice session. Teachers choose the domain in which they want students working and have the ability to send the assignment to their entire class or selected students. Each student's adaptive practice assignment will be personalized so he or she is answering questions at his or her level within the chosen domain. To learn more about assigning adaptive practice sessions, click here.
Fact Practice Assignments
Teachers can assign fact practice to students to help them achieve fact mastery. Teachers can choose which operations they would like students to practice, and Freckle will automatically assign facts to each student at their individual level. This is a great way to increase students' familiarity with facts. 
Targeted Practice Assignments
Teachers can choose to have all students working on the same grade-level standard by assigning a targeted practice assignment. Teachers choose the domain and standard they are working on and have the ability to send the assignment to their entire class or selected students. Assigning targeted practice assignments is a great way to track student mastery on a particular standard. These assignments can be used as formative assessments or quizzes to help inform what standards to reteach and to whom. They can help decide how to form small groups for remediation as well. To learn more about assigning targeted practice assignments, click here.
Benchmark Assessments
Teachers also have the ability to assign benchmark assessments to their students. These benchmarks are customizable as teachers can choose to assess all domains and standards at a grade level, all standards within one domain at a grade level, or even one specific grade-level standard. Benchmark assessments can help teachers measure growth over time, isolate student strengths and weaknesses, or determine what standards still need to be taught before state testing. To learn more about assigning benchmark assessments, click here.
Inquiry Based Lessons
IBLs are cross-curricular activities that build conceptual understanding of mathematical topics while students explore real-world scenarios. They can be done in a whole-class setting with the teacher as the facilitator, or they can be assigned to students to complete individually or in smaller groups. To learn more about assigning Inquiry Based Lessons, click here.
Using the Assignments feature on Freckle helps teachers determine the type of assignments they want their students completing.


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