How do I grade student responses to writing prompts?


Once you have assigned students a writing prompt, and they have completed it, it's time to grade their work! While comprehension question assignments are graded immediately by the computer, writing assignments require teacher grading.

There are three ways to grade student writing.

Grading Method #1:

Click on "ELA" and then "Reports" on the left navigation bar. Then, scroll down to click on "Article Writing Report" second from the bottom." The "Ungraded Writing Assignments" will appear at the top of the page. By clicking on the orange "Grade" button on the right on the following page, you will be able to review writing assignments by article. 


Grading Method #2:

Go to "Assignments" on the left navigation bar. Make sure you have the correct selected class at the top drop down bar. Below, you will see a list of current assignments to students. If you clicking the left blue drop-down arrow, you will be able to see each student's individual assignment. By clicking on the blue arrow to the right of a particular student, you will be able to pull up the writing assignment list page.


Grading Method #3:

Go to "Activity Feed" on the left navigation bar. You can choose to select writing only in the "ELA" drop down or just scroll down to find the student whose assignment you'd like to review. Click on the drop down icon on the left of the student's name. If the assignment is complete, a blue arrow will appear on the right side. By clicking this arrow, it will take you to the same review page.


All 3 methods will get you to this page--reviewing all assignments on an article. Click "See Results." 


Here is example of a prompt preview once you have pressed "See Results" on the left side.


Once reviewed, you can give a grade of "1," "2," "3," or "4" to the student. 

The following grading scale is used:

  1. Below Grade Level
  2. Approaching Grade Level
  3. At Grade Level
  4. Exceeding Grade Level

Click "Save" when you are done. You will see that that the student's assignment is now listed as "Graded." You are always able to go back to review students' work once it is graded.

We leave the grading of Freckle writing responses up to the teacher, as every class, school, and grade has different standards and expectations for writing.

However, we have also come up with 3 basic rubrics, one for each type of writing, and welcome you to use them! For each rubric, the 4 level represents the highest quality response in terms of thoroughness and development, with 1 being the lowest.

You can find each of the rubrics below:

Opinion/Argument Writing Rubric


Informational/Expository Writing Rubric


Narrative Writing Rubric



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