Can I reassign ELA articles to my students?

Freckle ELA articles are easy to reassign!...and this can come in handy for students to practice building mastery of a skill with familiar material!
If you are working with the free version of the program, reassigned articles do not count as a another assignment within the same month. 
To reassign an article:
(1) Go to "ELA" and "Reports" on the left navigation bar.
(2) Click on "Article & Story Activity." This will show you how many students completed each article assigned.
(3) Click "View Details" for the desired article. This will show you the details of the article and the student's responses to the comprehension questions. 
(4) On the top of the page towards the right, you will be able to click on "Reassign."
(5) This will take you to the Assignment page, and follow these instructions to continue assigning the article!
No assignment are ever deleted, so as the teacher, you will be able to look back at the first completion of the assignment and see how students improved with the reassignment.


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