Can I reassign ELA articles to my students?

We understand the importance of reassigning work to students as they work towards mastering certain skills. Freckle ELA articles are easy to reassign! And, if you are working with the free version of the program, reassigned articles do not count as a another assignment. You can reassign an article as many times as you'd like within the month.
Here's how to reassign an ELA article:
1) Check performance to determine which students you'd like to reassign an article.
Log on to your Teacher Dashboard and click on Activity Reports under Articles Reports under ELA. Choose the Student Activity tab and locate the assignment you want to look at. Note that comprehension question assignments and writing prompt assignments are listed separately. Check student performance by clicking on the blue "Report" button next to an assignment. Here you can gather information about how students did on the assignment and decide to whom to reassign an article.
2) Assign the article just as you did before.
Click on the Assign ELA button under Main in the navigation panel. Click the blue "Add an Assignment" button. Find the article you want to reassign in Freckle's library of ELA articles. You can use the filters to easily find the article.
3) Choose the students to whom you want to reassign the article.
Once you click "Assign," you can choose whether to reassign the comprehension questions, the writing prompt, or both. Use the drop down menu next to each student's name to select the level of the article they read. Select or unselect the box next to each student to assign or not assign the article. You may not want to reassign the article to students who did well the first time it was assigned. If you reassign the article to students who have not yet completed the assignment, they will have duplicate assignments waiting for them on their dashboard (which you probably want to avoid).
4) Click "Assign" to send the assignment to students.
Once you click "Assign," the assignment will be waiting for the selected students on their dashboard.
No assignment are ever deleted, so as the teacher, you will be able to look back at the first completion of the assignment and see how students improved with the reassignment. The ability to reassign ELA articles empowers students to think critically about their responses and understand why certain answers are better than others. Teachers can gain valuable information about a student's understanding of a text utilizing this feature.


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