How can I assign adaptive math practice to my students?

On Freckle, teachers can assign adaptive practice sessions to their students. Students can also still choose to work on adaptive practice on their own (and the sessions will look the same), however, using this feature, teachers have more control over what work students are completing. 
With adaptive practice assignments, teachers can ensure students are working at their individual levels within a domain
By clicking the "Assignments" link on the left navigation bar on the Teacher Dashboard, teachers can directly send adaptive math assignments to students' accounts.

Here's how to assign Adaptive Assignments:


1) Select "Assignments" on your Teacher Dashboard.


2) Click the blue "+Add An Assignment" button.

 3) Click the "Adaptive Practice" box to assign an adaptive practice session to your students.

Each student will receive an assignment that is at his or her current level within the chosen domain. This means one student may be working on a 2nd grade standard, while a more advanced student may be working on a 4th grade standard within the same domain. Please note that if this is the first time students are working in the assigned domain, they will first have to take the Pre-Test for that domain.



4) Select the class and students you want to create the assignment for.


5) Choose the domain you want your students to practice. 

6) You will now see your adaptive assignment listed on the Assignments page. You can see the domain you assigned, the date you assigned it, as well as students' progress on the assignment.

7) Have students log in to Freckle.

Students will log in to Freckle just the same way that they always have - with their first name, last name and class code.




8) Have students click on the "Assignments" button at the bottom of the page. Students will see their assignments waiting for them.

Multiple assignments may be listed. Adaptive practice assignments are listed under the red Math column. Have students click the assignment to begin.


9) Students will have ONE opportunity to complete the assignment.

The assignment will stay listed on the student's dashboard until he or she completes the assignment. Once a student exits an Adaptive Practice assignment, the assignment will mark as completed.


10) Students will answer about 10 questions, at their level, within the domain you assigned.

Note that you don’t have to make sure students stop at 10 questions, the program will automatically do that for you.


Once students have answered 10 questions, the adaptive practice session will end. If they have earned 50 coins, they will have the option to go to the piggy store or return to their dashboard and continue practicing.


11) Check class progress on the assignment.

To check class progress on the adaptive assignment you just sent to your students, click on the arrow icon next to the assignment.


You will see a list of students who have not yet completed the assignment, as well as a list of students who have already completed the assignment. This makes it easy to track the completion of the assignment!

Once an assignment is completely finished, meaning all students have completed it, it will be moved from the list of assignments and will be filed under the Completed Assignments tab at the top of the page. You will see each completed assignment as well as a link to the sessions tab to see how students performed.

Assigning adaptive practice sessions is a great way to ensure that your students are practicing at their level. The assignment feature allows teachers to have more control over what students are working on.

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