How can I assign targeted practice assignments to my students?

On Freckle, teachers can created targeted practice assignments for their students. Using this feature, teachers have control over the work students are completing.
With targeted practice assignments, teachers can decide to focus on a specific math or ELA standard for review or assessment. This is a great way to check for understanding after a lesson, or as a formative assessment during a unit.

Here’s how to assign targeted practice assignments:

1) Determine which standard you will be teaching and plan a lesson.

As with all lessons, you first need to determine which standard and skill you will be teaching your students. Whether you base this information off unit plans or pacing guides, be certain that your lesson is based on a particular skill and standard.


2) Teach your students that skill in a whole group format.

Before your students log in to Freckle for a targeted practice assignment, teach the lesson you had planned. This way students will have some background information around the topic, reducing frustration and improving performance. If you are using targeted practice as a diagnostic assessment, then you can skip this step and have students show what they know about the topic without instruction.


3) Create assignments for students.

Teachers begin by heading to the Assignments page on the teacher dashboard.


4) Click the blue "+Add An Assignment" button.



5) Click the "Targeted Practice Assignment" box to assign a particular standard to your students.



6) Use the dropdown menu to pick the class and students to whom you want to assign the targeted practice. 


7) Choose the standard that you want to assign

Note that all standards for all grades within the domain are listed. You can select "See Example K.CC.1 Questions" to see some sample questions.

8) (Optional) Choose a specific skill within the standard.  

9) Choose the number of questions you want in the assignment.

10) Check the summary for your assignment and decide whether to "Assign Immediately" or "Assign for the future".

Assigning immediately will push the assignment to the student's dashboard upon the click of the button. Assigning for the future allows you to determine the date at which the assignment will be available to students, providing teachers an awesome resource for planning in advance. If, for instance, you know that you'll be teaching standard 2.G.1 next Thursday, you can create an assignment that will automatically show up for students next Thursday, and not a day sooner.


After finalizing your targeted practice assignment, you'll see it listed on the Assignments page. You can reference the standard you assigned, the short name for the standard, the date you assigned it, and student progress on the assignment.



11) Have students log in to Freckle.

Students will log in to Freckle just the same way that they always have - with their first name, last name and class code.




12) Have students head to Assignments.


13) Students will see their assignments waiting for them.

Multiple assignments may be listed. Have students click the assignment to begin.

14) Students will have ONE opportunity to complete the assignment.

Once students have finished the assignment, the targeted practice assignment will end and they will return to adaptive practice within the domain in which they were working.



15) Check class progress on the assignment.

To check class progress on the targeted practice assignment you just sent to your students, click on the arrow icon next to the assignment.

You will see a list of students who have not yet completed the assignment, as well as a list of students who have already completed the assignment. This makes it easy to track the completion of the assignment!

Once an assignment is completely finished, meaning all students have completed it, it will be moved from the list of assignments and will be filed under the Completed Assignments tab at the top of the page.

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