How do I use Inquiry Based Lessons in my classroom?

Inquiry Based Lessons build conceptual understanding of math concepts through question-asking and real-world application. They can be used in a variety of ways depending on your classroom:
  1. Whole Class
    • Facilitate IBLs whole class, showing the video from your Teacher Dashboard on a projector and breaking students into small groups to work through the inquiry.
    • Use the Mixed Groups function on the Groups & Matrix report to make heterogeneous groups for the IBL.
    • Circulate the room and work with various groups.
    • Have one spokesperson, or even whole groups, present their solutions to the class.
  2. Small Groups
    • Have a small group work on an IBL on the carpet or in a designated area, gathering around one device to watch the inquiry video.
    • This method is particularly helpful when a small group of students need to review a concept or are advancing to a new concept.
    • The rest of the class can be working on Freckle on their individual devices or engaged in a lesson with the teacher.
  3. Centers
    • If you already use centers or a workshop model in your classroom, include an IBL station!
    • Set up a device for students to access the inquiry video and a special spot for them to collaborate in the classroom.
    • At the end of the day or the end of the week -- whenever all groups have moved through the IBL stations -- gather for a whole class discussion on the inquiry.
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