What do Freckle student dashboards looks like for different grades?

Freckle student dashboards (student.freckle.com) are designed to give a customized experience for all students. There are different dashboard designs for K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6-12th grade students. For all student dashboards, you'll see:

  • Student-guided practice: "Math" and "ELA" buttons take your students to adaptive practice
  • Assignments: The "Assignments" button takes them to both Math and ELA assignments


Kindergarten-2nd grade dashboards


  • Math:
    • Number Basics helps students with basic number recognition
    • Number Facts helps build your students' basic number sense
  • ELA:
    • Word Study builds your students' foundational spelling and word patterns
    • Decodables help students start to learn to read
    • Sight Words helps students identify common words. By default, only K-1 will see Sight Words on the student dashboard, but grade 2 teachers can add it to the student dashboard through the rosters page on the teacher dashboard. 
  • From my teacher:
    • Activities that you have assigned your students


3rd-5th grade dashboardsScreen_Shot_2019-12-05_at_10.53.54_AM.png


  • Leaderboard is visible on the dashboard homepage
  • The Math button takes your student to both Fact Practice and Adaptive Math practice
  • The ELA button takes your student to both Word Study, ELA Skills Practice, and self-guided reading practice
  • Assignments include activities you've assigned from all subjects. 


6th-12th grade dashboards


  • Leaderboards, activity feeds, growth, goal setting, and domain mastery are visible on the dashboard homepage. 
  • Students can also track their time spent in Math and ELA from the homepage. 
  • The Math button takes your student to the Math menu, where they can choose between Fact Practice and Adaptive Math. 
  • The ELA button takes your student the ELA menu, where they can choose between ELA Skills Practice, the ELA Library, and Word Study. 
  • The Assignments tracker displays all incomplete assignments, and completed assignments from the last 30 days. 




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    can I see the student adaptive practice for fractions?