What is Number Facts?

Number Facts is built to help students in grades K-2 master their basic addition and subtraction skills. It includes audio read-alouds and pictures to support students as they learn their first Number Facts. To answer the questions, students simply need to click on the correct answer since we know interfacing with a keyboard can be difficult at these young ages. Students progress to the next level after 2 consecutive sessions at 90% or better. 

Number Facts Visual Supports

We offer the following visual supports for early learners:

1. Pictures

2. Ten Frames


Number Facts Levels



Level 1

Addition to 5 with pictures

Level 2

Addition to 10 with pictures

Level 3

Addition to 10 with ten frames

Level 4

Addition to to 10

Level 5

Subtraction within 5

Level 6

Subtraction within 10 with pictures

Level 7

Subtraction within 10 with ten frames

Level 8

Subtraction within 10

Level 9

Addition and Subtraction within 10

Level 10

Adding on to 10

Level 11

Horizontal Addition to 20

Level 12

Vertical Addition to 20

Level 13

All Addition to sum of 20

Level 14

Horizontal Subtraction within 20

Level 15

Vertical Subtraction within 20

Level 16

All Subtraction within 20

Level 17

Addition and Subtraction within 20

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