Important Facts about Bulk Rostering with Freckle

What is Freckle Bulk Rostering?

  • Freckle has an internal system of rostering which ensures students are uploaded to the correct teacher. Your Freckle Account Manager can assist you with specifics and will provide the necessary rostering templates for you to share with us.

How does Freckle Bulk Rostering help our school or district?

  • Freckle Bulk Rostering takes the burden away from teachers and administrators to roster and helps shorten the process of getting started with Freckle.
  • This process is a one-time upload that will create new teacher accounts for any teachers who have not yet signed up, and will populate their rosters with the appropriate students.
  • You can also include student information system (SIS) IDs for each student, meaning that student data will be downloadable for future tracking and analysis.
  • This process allows you to either transfer students from a previous class into their current class or enter students for the very first time.

Are there any additional aspects to be aware of?

  • Teachers are still able to share and transfer students after this process, and can otherwise alter their rosters.
  • Bulk rostering is not ongoing roster management. For example, if a new student arrives midyear, they will need to be manually entered by the teacher.
  • SSH File Transfer Protocols (SFTPs) are not available.
  • If you are planning to bulk transfer students during this rostering process, you will need both the previous rosters as well as the current rosters.
  • This is most common at the beginning of a new school year when you are moving students from one grade to another.



How do we get started?

  • Discuss next steps for getting started with your Freckle Account Manager, or email for additional information.
  • Your Account Manager will provide you with templates for the rosters that you’ll need to send over to us after that initial conversation, depending on the needs of your school/district.
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