What is Freckle Math Practice?

There are two kinds of Freckle Math Practice: Adaptive and Targeted.

Adaptive Practice

Freckle Adaptive Math practice allows students to practice their math skills across different topics. The best part is - Freckle adapts while they work! All students start with a pre-test in each domain, or group of topics. The pre-test determines their starting level. But, as students work in each domain, Freckle is constantly adjusting to them. Freckle provides students with remediation problems when they are struggling, and pushes them onto more advanced concepts when they are doing well.

When students first go to Freckle Math, they will see the different domains, or groups of topics. 


The first time students click into a domain, they will take a pre-test. The, they will be placed at the level that is "just right" for them and they will be able to start practicing!

All math questions for grades K-5 have audio that students can click to hear the question read aloud. All math questions in all grades are available in Spanish too!

Targeted Practice

Targeted practice works just like Adaptive practice, except that YOU get to choose the skills and standards the students practice! You can assign students a certain standard to work on from your Freckle Teacher Dashboard.

Students can also choose to work on levels/standards that they have already passed. This also qualifies as Targeted Practice, because the student is choosing to target a specific skill on his/her own.


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