What Class-Wide ELA Reports do we offer?

There are several different reports available to teachers for the variety of ELA products and activities that we provide. Scroll down to see a brief a summary of the reports that display class-wide performance.

ELA Reports Access: 

Access ELA reports by clicking on "ELA" and "Reports" on the left navigation bar. You will be able to choose from a selection of reports that are categorized by "Individual Student Reporting," "Class Reporting," and "Additional Reporting."

Class Reports

Performance by Standard/Topics: You can view a breakdown of class-wide proficiency on a particular standard or skill. By selecting the practiced standard, a drop-down of proficiency bands will show you where practicing students fall while working towards mastery of the skill. 

You are also able to select each student to see an individual report of their practice on that particular standard or topic.




Class Grouping: You can view students who can be grouped together by reading level or by standard. This is useful for any small-group instruction guidance!



Word Study Matrix: You can view each student and the word study levels--where they started, levels they have mastered and the level they are currently practicing by scrolling across.



Pre-Test Results: You will see a list of each student and their reading and word study level, as determined from the diagnostic and/or additional practice. You can change their levels here if at any time if you need! 



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