What instructional supports are offered within the Math Practice Program?

Instructional supports are weaved throughout our various Math Practice and Targeted Products.

  • In all K - 5 domains, students can view a “hint.” This contains a directive and an image, both of which point students to strategy or piece of knowledge necessary for a solution.




  • In K - 9 domains, students also have an option to view a help-video. The particular video available varies by skill.
    • Conceptual Videos: These videos are targeted at the overall standard. They provide base knowledge about key elements within the standard.
    • Walk-Through Videos: These videos walk students through particular problems and model solution strategies.
    • Skill-Based Videos: These videos walk students through base knowledge and practice within the specific skill, and provide initial directions for solution.


  • Both hints and videos can be viewed at any time by the students by clicking the respective icon on the right, and also appear when a student has answered a question incorrectly.


  • Academic Vocabulary: Students are able to click on underlined academic vocabulary to view or hear a definition in guided questions and prompts.


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