How do I remove duplicates from my school roster? (COMING SOON)

To view and verify your roster, log into your admin account and click on the "Dashboard" tab. Select a single school or "All Schools" from the school dropdown to filter the amount of information displayed.


If the number of students in your roster is HIGHER than the number of students who attend your school, it is possible that duplicate student records exist in our system. This is common when multiple teachers have self-rostered and created different accounts for the same child. To confirm that you have duplicates, you can scroll through or search within the "Students" tab.

Merging Duplicates

If you notice that your school roster contains duplicate students, you can troubleshoot directly from your dashboard. 

Option 1 - Sync Your Roster with Freckle

By default, our system finds and merges duplicate student records when you import a roster into Freckle. If your roster is out of date, this option might be preferable. Visit this support page for a step-by-step guide. 

Option 2 - Merge Duplicates after Syncing with Clever or Classlink 

If you use Clever or Classlink instead of our roster tooling, you can bulk-merge duplicate records in just two clicks!  

  1. First, make sure your Student Information System and Freckle roster are up-to-date. You can see when your last sync took place at the top of your Dashboard. 

  2. Click "Clean up Roster" from your Dashboard. Select "Merge Duplicates" to identify and merge duplicate student records that currently exist in your roster.Screen_Shot_2019-07-03_at_12.52.41_PM.png

  3. We merge two records if ALL of the following is true:
    1. They have the same exact name
    2. They belong to the same school
    3. One of the records is "trusted," or came from an admin upload
    4. The students are in the same grade, or the "trusted" record is one grade level ahead

  4. After the merge: 
    1. Practice data from both records is retained
    2. The single student record is shared across teachers and courses as necessary

Option 3 - Manually Resolve Duplicates

Remember, the bulk-merge tooling will not catch students with slightly different names. You can resolve these duplicates manually.

For instance, imagine that Mr. Doolittle has a student record for "Jimmy Andrews," but Ms. Reynolds has a record for "James Andrews," even though they are referring to the same student. To preserve data from both accounts, you can: 

  1. Impersonate Mr. Doolittle's account from your roster Dashboard, by clicking on the Screen_Shot_2019-07-08_at_7.00.39_PM.png icon next to his name.
  2. Once you are logged into Mr. Doolittle's account, click "Roster" on the lefthand sidebar.
  3. From Mr. Doolittle's roster, change "Jimmy Andrews" to "James Andrews" by clicking on "Edit Student." Screen_Shot_2019-07-08_at_7.02.36_PM.png
  4. Share Mr. Doolittle's "James Andrews" with Ms. Reynolds. 
  5. Ms. Reynolds will be prompted to merge the two records the next time she logs into Freckle, or you can do this for her by impersonating her account.  




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