How does Freckle Math integrate with Star Math?

Students can use their Star Math scores to get immediate access to differentiated Freckle content. The connection combines the rigorous, research-backed Star Math test with the engaging, day-to-day practice in Freckle—all with little to no work on the teacher!

The connection will take students' Star Math scores and update the current levels in relevant domains in Freckle. This means that for new domains, students can skip the Freckle pre-test, and be automatically placed at their level based on their Star Math performance. Students can immediately access Freckle's adaptive practice, and you can trust that every student is getting the differentiated help that they need to grow.

Note: The integration will not set student levels in all domains; it will only set levels in domains in which a student's Star score can accurately place a student.

Here's how it works:

1. If you have both Star Math and Premium Freckle at your school or district, have your administrator talk to their Freckle representative to get the integration turned on.

2. Once the integration is turned on, all administrators for the school will receive an email with instructions on how to set it up. They should forward that information to the teachers using both Star and Freckle in their classrooms.

3. Teachers can then log in to and go to their Roster's page. For each class, they'll see the option to turn on the Star integration:


4. Then, when students log in to their Freckle account at, they'll see the option to connect to Star in their dashboard:


When they click the "Connect" button, they'll be taken to the same login screen that they see for the Star test. Students should log in using their Renaissance ID and password.

5. Once a student is connected, they'll be taken back to their Freckle dashboard, and that's it! Moving forward, their Freckle math levels will be automatically updated when they take a Star Math test with no more work required on the student.

6. Teachers can turn off the Star Math integration from their rosters page at any time.

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