What is Grammar Skills Practice?

Grammar practice allows students to apply specific grammar skills in the context of real sentences. Currently, we offer 1 domain of grammar practice: Capitalization & Punctuation.

How do students access it?

Students practice Grammar through ELA Skills Practice. ELA Skills Practice appears by defaults for all students in grades 2-8. Premium Edition teachers can also turn on ELA Skills practice for students in any other grades through the student dashboard settings.

Grammar Practice has content to cover grammar skills in grades 1-6, with more coming soon!

What does Grammar Practice look like for students?

In grammar practice, students are able to answer skill-based questions in a variety of formats, including multiple-choice, "fix the sentence," and "drag and place." Each session will have 10 questions targeted at a specific grammar skill.

Drag and place question:


Fix the sentence question:


Is there a pre-test?

No - students can jump right into grammar practice! If they have taken an ELA pre-test before, they will be placed in Grammar practice based on this level. If not, they'll start a little bit below their rostered grade level. Then, Freckle will adapt from there!

Is there teacher reporting?

Teachers can view student progress on the activity feed, as well as the ELA Performance by Standard report and the Class Grouping report.

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